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71 Is It Okay ?

in my mid twenties , 
is it okay not to feel or act like an adult ?
is it okay not to have a wild ambition or have a super goal ?
is it okay to be childish and selfish to do what i want ?
is it okay to try and fail in different career ?

I don't have an aggressive heart to be a millionaire but doesn't mean i dont have a heart to fight for what i want or what is right.
I don't want to be label as a Gen Y just because of my quick decision making

what has change ?
i keep more secret by each day but i never stop sharing my inspiration from what i learn in life
i might have be more broken  than before but doesn't mean im not stronger as well
i always chill and easy going but doesn't mean this is all of me , depression and anxiety is a frequently visitor

i am sick and tired of being label as the girl who is never had a worried soul inside , dont you know im always fighting against  life as well ?
i am sick and tired being judge of not having a career goal, you have no idea how it feels like. Is like being in the dark looking for small little things you accidentally drop it . is not a choice

But i will never change , 
smile to every single day in my life , although someday will be like hell but a smile make it better

complete my dreamy list
fulfill my one and only life journey to travel to many places as much as i can
to have a relationship JUST because im in love , to have a spacial someone to rest my soul with and rely to.

to appreciation the little things in life , just like " I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love." -  Gandalf